The Details

UpTyck turns your inbox into a sales pipeline, freeing you up to focus on your brilliant business ideas. You decide who gets added to UpTyck, making it easy to keep clients and business leads top of mind and separate from friends, family, salespeople, and spammers.

Once you download and install UpTyck, it will live at the top of your gmail inbox, much like a "skin" or "wrapper". When you open gmail, in addition to your email messages, you'll see a list of the leads, prospects, opportunities and customer follow-ups you're tracking, alongside their basic contact information, a task list, and a mini calendar.

You'll be able to see - at a glance - a list of the people you should contact today, tomorrow, and next week to win new business. You can click to track touchpoints and schedule follow-ups, and when you land a new client, UpTyck will help you generate repeat business by prompting you to re-connect at regular intervals. There's no need to generate prospect lists or look up contact information, because UpTyck does that automatically, making the sales process easy, fast, and fluid.